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Something to Consider....

In a few days I will begin posting a third list on my journal. I am not looking forward to that. Many people in NOLA died. Many of those on the Lost list may be among them. I already know of one confirmed death. Their name is not in the paper, if it was I probably would not recognize it as I only knew the person by their street name. Chances are this person has not been identified at all. Most of the bodies in the morgue lay unidentified. Most probably will not be identified. Those are just the bodies in the morgue. Bodies that for many reasons lie unclaimed and difficult if not impossible to identify. It is my understanding from many, many sources that a good deal of our dead are in the River. Placed there in part by people who did not know what else to do, placed there in part by those representing various authorities as well. For a multitude of reasons I struggled about putting this here in the journal but, I feel it is important and necessary. It is also the right thing to do. If you want to know where the bodies are they are in the River. In a city that is respected for it's traditions in honoring the dead it is just pitiful.

Family Assistance Center 866-326-9396
Remains Management 225-267-2604 or 225-267-2603
State health officials have set up a toll-free hotline for people seeking information about family members who are missing and feared dead in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The number is 1-866-326-9393.

"Randy Lemoine, director of operations for the center, said it is being staffed largely by volunteers and that 1,000 calls have already been received."
"Dr. Cheryll Bowers-Stephens, undersecretary of health for the Department of Health and Hospitals, said callers will be asked to provide as much information as possible about their missing loved ones, possibly including DNA samples, to help authorities as they try to identify corpses recovered from the storm."
"Mental health and spiritual counseling will also be available at the famly assistance center, and Stephens said the health department is "committed to making this painful process as humane as possible."
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