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The Lost

Behind the cut is a way to long list of missing people.....I wanted to put it in alphabetical order but did not have the time. I have another list of Found people but, I am going to wait until later to post it, because I am hoping to add to it from this list. Yes, this list will be crossposted to the communities listed on my user information page. If you notice that some people are no longer on this list and were previously posted in my journal it means they are now on the found list. Please let me know if you have information on anyone listed here. Thank you.

“Chief” Jackson Square Reader
Gina (of Chief and Gina) Jackson Square Reader
Zoe Jackson Square and Metairie
Torch Jackson Square and Metairie
Christy, her son, and her daughter Rosie, who lived on Roman Street right off Esplanade
Local Indian man called "Space"
David Labure
David Glines aka Little Bear
Laundry Boy Jackson Square
Patricia Kimani Tulane PhD student
Nancy Lockyear
Dr. Mike the Vet
Ron S. (sorry can't spell it) of the 8th Dist. Formerly DDD Task Force (partner of Steve Tarzia 8th Dist.)
Captian Clarke "DOC" C Hawley, 639 Barracks street email to
Robert Sonnier 928 Saint Ann St email to
Roy and Ume owners of Off the Beaten Path Gallery on Royal Residence on Esplanade
Vaughan Mordenetti
Matassa family and workers from Matassa grocery (Denise, John and others)
Christian Tour Guide Haunted history
Mr. A Royal Street Reader
Bruce Royal Street Reader
Jackie Royal Street Reader
Pat Royal Street Reader
Warren Bayliss Louisiana State Police (Normally stationed at the State Courthouse on Royal)
Detective Steven Lindsey 4th District (former 8th district officer) NOPD
Joe Maumus 4th district (former 8th district quality of life officer) NOPD
Kevin Santa Fe Grill (formerly worked at Quartermaster) Chiquita
Remy (former delivery Verti Marte) Chiquita
Toast Moonwalk Mafia –Please Contact Miles aka Leo
Sue Palmer nurse VA Hospital
Anastasia SRO
Johnny Silva Brothers 3 on Magazine
Betty Brothers 3 on Magazine
Earl Brothers 3 on Magazine
Eddie Brothers 3 on Magazine
Cherokee Brothers 3 on Magazine
Cowboy Regular Brothers Three on Magazine
Pops Regular Brothers Three on Magazine
CC's on Royal people
Sheri Former server Café duMonde
Tony (from da Parish) Head Server Café Du Monde
Joe Segretto Restaurant 1179
Alex Segretto Restaurant 1179
Cd's restaurant staff
Chuck aka Lunchbox
Kat (of Kat and Cage) Jackson Square Reader
Cage (of Kat and Cage) Rebel Arms
Robert (white) and partner Jackson Square Reader, Artist,
Black Robert Reader
Ron Head Server Café du Monde
Miss Luella Cafe du Monde Manager/Server Café du Monde
Richard Manager Café du Monde
Danny Audubon Zoo catering/dining
Ken Audubon Zoo catering/dining
Morning 40 Federation band members
Sue Palmer nurse believed to be working at VA Hospital
Brett Audubon Zoo catering/dining
Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes band members
Storm Jackson Square Reader (Female)
Shade Jackson Square Reader (Male)
Mary Audubon Zoo catering/dining
Mary Roland Member of Readers of Babylon Jackson Square Reader
Rigid band members
Evangeline the Goat and her owner Kerlerac in the Marigny
Guliana Tour Guide Haunted History
Peter Bennett Glass Harmonica Musician from Jackson Square and faithful pooch Katie
Shadow Jackson Square Reader (Male)
Angel Jackson Square Reader and former tour guide Haunted History Tours
Chipper Former member of House of Scorpio Former Jackson Square Reader
Billy Williamson Bartender Les Bon Ton and Brothers 3 retired NOPD
Iris May Tango band members
Mark in the Park Musician
Bunne(Mark in the Parks wife)
Kenny Burke.
Chris (Gay Chris) Jackson Square Reader
Barbara Yocum Jackson Square Artist (Mermaid paintings)
Rev. Goat Carson band members
Boris Tatoo Artist Jackson Square
Irene the facepainter
Reverend Jim.
Laundry Boy.
Denise La Toya aka Shorty and children Jackson Square Reader
Gail Ledbetter.
Zorp Jackson Square Reader
Brie (Zorp the Readers partner)
Avalon Jackson Square Reader with special medical considerations (diabetes)
Snakeman Rich
Mark Jackson Square Reader with special medical considerations (diabetes)
Doc "the Godfather of Jackson Square” Always sweeping Jackson Square...
White Tiger
Brian Tour guide Haunted History
Samhain aka Halloween
Jim Smith and the Damned Frontier band members
Information regarding Restaurant 1179 on Tchoupitulos
Mark Blanford of Black Tie Services and Tango Bar and their family (have son on Westwego PD)
Adele “Del” Blanford of Black Tie Services and Tango Bar and their family (have son on Westwego PD)
Matt Dunn aka “Christ” Jackson Square lived in Mid City, worked at Abbey
Squatmaster George
Dragon James and son Jackson Square Reader
Sophia Jackson Square Artist and Reader
China Stripper Bourbon Street
“Fuzzy Leo” aka “Little Leo”Terry Wright Member Reader of Babylon former Jackson Square Reader
John ‘Nazi John' aka ‘PI John’
Brandy Voodoo Authentica
Information regarding Brothers3 on Magazine
Brad Erb (Former Esoterica Reader)
Lorraine (Brad Erbs partner)
Tony A and P in the Quarter
Treva A and P in the Quarter
Kevis A and P in the Quarter
Mr B A and P in the Quarter
Timmy Formerly A and P in the Quarter
Rocco A and P in the Quarter
Hans Trollkeistein Jackson Square Reader
little June and children friends New Orleans Mistic
Nadine and children friends New Orleans Mistic
Luzita and children friends New Orleans Mistic
Shalitha and children friends New Orleans Mistic
Sheldon friend New Orleans Mistic
Audrey friend New Orleans Mistic
Mr. Jimmy friend New Orleans Mistic
Lovely friend New Orleans Mistic
Thoren Jackson Square Reader
Jorge friend New Orleans Mistic
Morgana (Jade). Jackson Square Reader
Baba Tomas friend New Orleans Mistic
Miss Lena and family Jackson Square Reader
Panoo friend New Orleans Mistic
ZsaZsa Jackson Square Reader
“Big Girl” friend New Orleans Mistic
Karl Coffee, Friends, And..Cafe in the Bywater
Henry's Bakery guys
Cheryl Ferrell and children New Orleans East friends New Orleans Mistic
Toby from Arabi friend New Orleans Mistic
Steven friend New Orleans Mistic
Rico the Ellegua
Kat (of Kat & Garrett) Jackson Square Reader
Garrett aka Princess Jade Jackson Square Reader
Information on Coffee, Friends, And..Cafe Bywater
Pamela Smith of Louisa St Bywater
Martha The Abbey
Mat James Artist
Walter aka HAAS-works offshore used to be a bouncer at the Dungeon. Hangs at the Erin Rose
Angel-Former tour guide, owns a little Chihuahua kind of dog and worked as a bartender at Sing Sing.
Barry- sold his artwork behind the Cathedral.
Stacy- Jackson Square Reader
Kat local handyman (Kat and Stacy)
Leah Bourbon Street Reader
Fritz bartender Checkpoint's, Ole toons, & Lounge Lizards
Juan A Klingon looking bouncer the Abbey
Eve of Tee and Eva’s on Magazine
Brandi Gautreaux who lived on Bourbon Street and is a bartender in the French Quarter. She is 26 years old. Contact Cathi Bent in California at (909) 986-5256
Melissa Frock Candy Shoe-Nami
Popi Frock Candy Shoe-Nami
Rouge Beauty People
Gary Mader eyehategod contact:Deborah Toscano from Devil Dolls
Kevin and Colleen from Z’otz
Richard of Mystic Curio
Hurkey the Bone Reader Jackson Square Reader
Stan Beemis
Katherine Soniat
Maple Street Books staff
Eric Leger ... originally from MA Please crosspost information to NOLA Community
Kat Vlasiadis ... originally from CT Please crosspost information to NOLA Community
Irene Stevens. 75-80 years old and works as a psychic at Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo.
Conelius Washington he worked at Voobrew
Poison Ivy Member Readers of Babylon Not Living in NOLA at time, visits frequently believed to be safe(?)
Pirate's Alley people
Mythique People (Yes, Mythique has been closed for awhile I believe people are looking for people who use to hang there)
Dervish people
Edward Jupiter Firefighter NOFD Stationhouse #9
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